Dap’n took part in 2 day of Mobilize the NHS.

Mobilize the NHS was a two day event enabling companies to work with clinicians on difficulties where mobile or other applications might help.  We were open to any thoughts or developments and on the day how sick days could be managed better was brought up.  Children with Diabetes could be particularly affected as sick days caused blood sugar levels to fluctuate a lot. Information about what to do and taking special care during sick days needed to be easily sourced especially before sick days occurred.

During the days we worked with the team at Diabetes Centre, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.  We are now working with them longer term to get the app off the ground.  For sick day rules managment we put together a daily tips page seen on opening the app.  This gives immediate advice on sick days and is a continuing reminder of the danger of such days and what should be done.  This is especially important to those Type 1 especially who might develop diabetes ketacidosis. http://bit.ly/1K5yl6v