Congratulations to us!!!

We have examined the reviews given to the four design entries and your app design Dap’n’ received the highest rating (average of 5 out of 5).

Dap’n has won Best Design Award for Diabetes App Challenge. The award is supported by Diabetes UK, Handi, Britain’s Nurses and more through E-Health at Plymouth University. Some of the feedback about Dap’n included

Pelez (5/5) “Of all the apps I’ve looked at, this one particularly stands out to me personally. I love the concept of setting challenges and presenting health monitoring in a ‘game’ form. I think the app idea is very unique and whilst it is a big idea (in the fact of getting clinics and GPs involved) I think it would be very much worth pursuing. You’ve done a fantastic job with presenting your idea and I love the concept UI. Fantastic job.”


Simfish85 (5/5) “This is a great idea for keeping people motivated in managing diabetes, especially young people. The mock ups and design work are really well thought out and presented. A couple of things to think about: 1. Maybe limiting the number of daily challenges so that users don’t get overwhelmed if lots of people challenge them on the same day. 2. Maybe add a points system to it so that you can compete with your friends (like nike fuelband)”